Today’s Takes

September 7, 2007

Here’s a wrap-up of what other industry-watchers and media folks have been writing about this week:

SABEW’s Talking Biz News points us over to Marketwatch’s commentary on the rumored tensions between CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo and Erin Burnett, and the reasons why the network needs to ensure there’s room for both.

Shel Holtz takes issue with grocer A&P’s response after a customer complained about a risqué parody rap video that two A&P employees (and brothers) filmed in a store’s produce aisle after hours one night and then posted to YouTube. Holtz suggests A&P must be shorthand for “Antiquated & Prehistoric”.

Grumpy Editor says that daily newspapers can partially blame the unappealing, content-light layout of their front pages for their declining readership.

As noted on Seth Godin‘s blog, JupiterResearch released a study this week on the effectiveness of viral marketing campaigns. Apparently less than one-fifth of them in the last year actually were effective in prompting consumers to spread the desired commercial word.

“Wikiscanner” fallout continues, catching plenty of organizations and their reputation management-inclined soldiers with their naughty fingers in the cookie jar – I mean on the keyboard – as noted on Portfolio’s tech blog.