A Marketing Tip For Charles Schwab: “Talk To Blake”

January 11, 2010

There is no retailer I admire or trust more than Nordstrom. My fervent loyalty stems from a favorable experience years ago when a menswear department manager voluntarily refunded the cost of a suit after I complained about premature wear. I had bought the suit a year earlier, didn’t have a receipt, and there was no… Read more

Getting “Cranky” Over the Parasite Blogger Myth

January 7, 2010

Much has been written and speculated about the dire state of the mainstream media, both in terms of its financial condition and declining ethical standards.  If you ask me, much of the current financial troubles can be attributed to industry leaders’ death grip on their widely held misperception that citizen bloggers can’t produce good content… Read more

A “Responsible Communication” About Reckless Canadian Journalism

January 6, 2010

When I first joined The Detroit News after working for several years as a business reporter at major Canadian newspapers, I was completely taken aback by the comparably low level of editorial concern and legal oversight given to any of my highly critical stories about private individuals. As it was considerably easier to sue for… Read more