LinkedIn’s Looming Brand and Credibility Crisis

September 26, 2013

So another technology company is making headlines for alleged privacy infractions.  I cannot say I am surprised. For all their revolutionary savviness at introducing innovative products and apps that make life a heck of a lot more entertaining, convenient, or efficient, far too many cling to outdated models when it comes to responding to PR… Read more

A PR Summer Intern Reflects: It’s Totally Worth The Commute!

September 4, 2013

I am no stranger to the New York City commute.  Throughout high school, I commenced each weekday by catching the 6:27 AM train from Port Washington, Long Island to Penn Station, followed by the C train up to the 86th street, and finally ended my hour-long morning trek with the cross-town bus through Central Park.… Read more

Kyle Johnson and the Triumph of Substance Over Style

September 4, 2013

When it comes to all matters relating to HR, my colleague Jackie runs the show. She has a real knack for sizing people up and she isn’t easily fooled by style over substance. Indeed, one of the many lessons Jackie’s taught me is to never mistake an employee’s humbleness and quietness for a lack of… Read more