STARKMAN was founded in 1999 by Eric Starkman and Jackie Condie with the singular goal of creating a PR firm unrivaled for creative excellence and client service. Rigid adherence to this shared vision is a major driver of the firm’s success.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of sectors, including financial services, technology, healthcare, and professional services. Our roster of clients is quite diverse, including Fortune 500 companies, national non-profits, and upstart firms. Some clients rely on us for the totality of their PR and branding needs, while some engage us to support a specific business unit, marketing campaign, or internal function. We’ve also been retained to audit the efficiency and effectiveness of internal communications teams and processes, determining opportunities to more closely align their processes with prevailing best practices. The fact that virtually all our growth has come from word-of-mouth referrals speaks to the client satisfaction we deliver.

We pride ourselves on providing candid assessments and feedback, even when it may hurt our own bottom line. On more than one occasion we advised a potential client that their expectations weren’t realistic or achievable, or that they were too early in their lifecycle to embark on an impactful PR program. We are looking to develop long-term clients and won’t take on business unless we can achieve the promised deliverables.

STARKMAN does not mark up client expenses, and our contracts can be terminated with 30 days notice regardless of the reason. We only want to work with companies and individuals who are confident in our abilities to deliver value and a meaningful return on their investment.