GrubHub: A Welcome Third Party Intervention

February 19, 2014

The ‘stiff upper lip’ is a trait frequently dredged up in discussions regarding my nationality. We natives of the British Isles are, for a variety of reasons, famed for our resilient, tacit acceptance of the substandard or difficult, as perfectly underscored by the slogan of famous WWII era posters: ‘Keep Calm and Carry On.’ This… Read more


January 10, 2014

Tech entrepreneur Peter Shih is the poster child for what ails San Francisco these days.  The young tech entrepreneur in August wrote a blog (since deleted, but covered here) highlighting 10 things he hated about San Francisco. The writing was arrogant, elitist, sexist, and otherwise all-around offensive – and the public outrage that followed was… Read more

Dining with Benjamin Prelvukaj and Jason Avery

April 9, 2010

New York may be renowned for having some of the finest restaurants in the world, but few have called our neighborhood in midtown Manhattan home.  Around the corner from Grand Central Terminal, the area around Madison and 42nd Street had always been more of a “passing through” area rather than a destination spot for people… Read more

Jamie Graham and the Power of Pilates

October 27, 2009

Those who know me will attest that I’m something of a fitness buff. The credit or blame, take your pick, goes to my seventh grade gym teacher who once lined me and my knobby-kneed classmates against a wall and declared with unmitigated disgust, “You boys are the poorest excuse for the male species I have… Read more

Celebrating the Genius of Jennifer Muller

June 4, 2009

Ten or so years ago, I discovered gyrotonics, an exercise system that was most commonly used and taught back then by professional dancers. My primary instructor was Jennifer DePalo, an accomplished modern dancer. I’d always been a fitness buff but under her tutelage, I achieved significant improvements in strength, flexibility, and balance. I also found… Read more