The Quiet Prowess of Holy Cross’ Kaitlyn Curley

August 1, 2008

Among the many reasons I think so highly of my colleagues here at S&A is that they have all advanced themselves professionally by the sheer strength of their talent, enthusiasm, and strong work ethic, not by their ability to play the “corporate politics” game. While it is commonly said that 20 percent of employees do… Read more

CBS: Cuts the B.S.

April 18, 2008

When a company is coming under fire from the public and media, you can count on their related official statements sounding anything but meaningful or spontaneous. Such statements are often perfunctory at best and clearly written with kid gloves snuggly fitted on the committee of writers’ hands. As a result, the issued statement is invariably… Read more

Reputation Mismanagement, PR Style

April 10, 2008

One of the great frustrations for any profession is to be defined in the public’s collective mind by the unethical or scandalous antics of a handful of individuals whose behaviors or values don’t mirror the majority of those in their industry. Just ask any reputable lawyer, car salesman, mechanic, or real estate agent. Or ask… Read more

In Praise of Virgin America’s Abby Lunardini

February 15, 2008

Let’s face it, most airlines are indifferent about public relations. Although the major ones were once ranked among the most creative and effective brand marketers, today they are more concerned with trying to figure out how to cram more people on the plane than with making sure passengers are happy. United’s friendly skies are no… Read more

What’s in a Name? Alex Berenson (the crusading reporter) vs. Bradford Berenson (the high-powered attorney)

February 5, 2008

Update: The New York Times claims that the Portfolio piece was “inaccurate”. Update 2: Alex Berenson admits some truth on NPR and The New York Times‘ comments had an element of spin. More about Alex Berenson. The New York Times‘ pharmaceutical industry reporter Alex Berenson scored a heck of a Page One scoop last week… Read more

Lessons from Mary-Kategate: Why Lawyers Should Not Engage in Media Relations

January 29, 2008

Earlier this month, I talked about the potential peril of looking to lobbyists for media relations counsel. Coverage this week in the New York Post reminds us to add attorneys to that list. Throughout my career as both a journalist and PR guy, I’ve witnessed (and cringed) countless times as well-intentioned attorneys grabbed the reins… Read more