Corporate Communications/Public Relations

What We Think

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Public relations and corporate communications have evolved into proven drivers of business strategy, and corporate leaders with budgetary oversight should demand a meaningful return on their investment in the work of these increasingly critical functions. To be truly effective, however, communications teams must have clear line of sight across the organization, tightly aligning strategy, messages, and tactics with the priorities of business functions and the vision of leadership.

Such an approach requires not only keen integration with individual business units, but also broad access to C-Suite executives and senior leadership responsible for delivering on the company’s mission. Gone are the days when PR teams acted independently from their colleagues in Advertising, Marketing, and Customer Service; those functional lines have long since blurred, ushering in heightened levels of collaboration and knowledge-share as “custody” of the corporate reputation and brand becomes unmistakably dispersed. In this operating environment, there is no room for “spin” and nor should there be. Ethical issues aside, it rarely, if ever, creates long-term positive results.

What We Do

Illustration: What We Do

STARKMAN was founded as a corporate communications firm, and our two decades of experience generating business- and financial-oriented results gives us a competitive edge in delivering creative, value-driven client programs and strategies. Our range of services include:

  • Media Relations
  • Executive/Leadership Communications
  • Financial Communications
  • M&A/Business Transformation Support
  • Brand Marketing
  • Media Training
  • Professional Peer Counseling

How We Do It

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STARKMAN’s policy of only working with clients that engage us as strategic partners rather than vendors is an anomaly in our field. We need a seat at the proverbial table to be effective, and we don’t take on engagements unless we are confident that we can deliver meaningful and sustainable long-term value. We take exceptional pride that we have retained our founding client from nearly 15 years ago, despite the firm undergoing several leadership and ownership changes.

Upon being retained, STARKMAN schedules an extensive due diligence process to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of our client’s business, and that we know their challenges and competitive weaknesses as well as we know their marketplace strengths and differentiators. We also sit with leadership to determine their long-term vision and strategic priorities, and nearer-term goals and objectives. We then conduct extensive research and market analysis to independently identify market opportunities and shifts.

As strategic partners, we require steady access to our clients’ senior leadership to ensure we are working in tandem with their communication priorities and tactical needs. We keep our clients fully apprised of our activities on a real-time basis, and never engage in any activity that hasn’t been vetted and approved by our client.

Who We Do It For

Illustration: Who We Do It For

We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss our public relations and corporate communications expertise and the diversity of related client work. Among our notable engagements:

  • Provided strategic counsel and tactical support for 10+ years to a well-regulated, operationally diverse Fortune 50 company’s investor relations and corporate communications executive leadership at on issues pertaining to reputation management, crisis communications, brand visibility, and media engagement
  • Served as AOR for a well-respected investment management firm for nearly 15 years, delivering a diverse array of internal and external stakeholder communications services to support daily operations and growth goals, as well as to successfully navigate disruptive business events, such as executive leadership and ownership changes
  • Counseled this pioneering medical device company on reputation management issues pertaining to its highly contentious and highly visible marketplace and courtroom battles with a much more established and better resourced pharmaceutical company in the same space
  • Delivered a diverse array of corporate communications, business transformation, and new market entry support services to one of the largest corporations in Canada as its AOR in the US for nearly a decade