Messaging & Content Strategy

What We Think

Illustration: What We Think

Strong, defensible, differentiating messages have long been the cornerstone of any effective public relations campaign, event, or strategy. The growing use of social media and online stakeholder engagement opportunities have led corporate communications specialists and marketers to rethink and repurpose this defining element of their work into something broader — content strategy. While many digital marketers and strategists may focus on content strategy as something almost uniquely inherent to online editorial, as a discipline, its fundamentals — message development, creative editorial that resonates with target audiences, and impactful delivery — have a central role in all aspects of corporate communications.

With the average person being bombarded by an estimated 3–5k marketing messages every day, traditional PR and marketing tactics no longer have the impact they once did. A positive, on-message story in a major newspaper or magazine simply does not generate the strong effect it did five or 10 years ago, particularly within business circles. Most people don’t acquire news and information the way they once did, and the traditional organizations that provide it don’t do so with the same exceptional standards they once did — or at the pace that today’s news-consumer demands. Indeed, the lead story in today’s printed copy of the local newspaper is, literally, old news. Accordingly, many savvy corporate communications strategists now leverage online publishing opportunities to inform and engage stakeholders on issues, events, and news developments that matter to their business.

What We Do

Illustration: What We Do

STARKMAN helps clients define and articulate stakeholder engagement-, branding-, and crisis-centric messages in ways that resonate with constituencies while supporting desired business outcomes. We take a holistic approach to content and message development to ensure that they can be readily leveraged across multiple communication channels, and that relevant distribution strategies are in synch for optimal impact.

Among our relevant areas of specialized expertise:

  • Copywriting online publications
  • Content management and curation
  • Cross-platform message alignment
  • Link-building strategies
  • Social media marketing
  • Search optimization

How We Do It

Illustration: How We Do It

The STARKMAN team works with clients to align messaging and content strategy with leadership’s vision and corporate growth goals, with a keen eye toward delivering an impact that is readily discernible on the bottom line. We also partner with brand strategists and marketing leadership to design a content strategy aligned with their goals as well as PR and corporate communication objectives.

Like nearly any public relations deliverable, an effective content strategy cannot be readily developed without significant input from the client organization on vision and desired impact. A diverse team is assembled to focus on the three overlapping pillars to content strategy: the technical aspects (information architecture, back-end development of metadata and tagging), the editorial aspects (message development and mapping, content development and governance), and the web strategy and planning aspects (competitive analysis, conversion tracking, search engine marketing).

Who We Do It For

Illustration: Who We Do It For

Among the recent highlights:

  • Launched and continue to ghostwrite a corporate blog updated every other day for a non-profit organization with national prominence, driving traffic through myriad website elements and social media activities
  • Partnered with the social media director at a Fortune 50 company to develop, launch, and manage its social media initiative, creating a measurable uptick in online visibility and increased traffic to its thought-leadership portal
  • Audited the messaging impact and content strategy of a professional services firm’s website for competitive strength and stakeholder engagement levels, ultimately introducing sweeping changes to the site’s editorial and visual components to better differentiate its offerings and align with technical best practices in search
  • Developed and continue to maintain the website copy and link-building strategy for an advocacy organization with complex stakeholder engagement needs and sensitivities